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St. John’s Nursery School is a NAEYC ( accredited preschool established to meet the needs of the three and four-year old nursery school child. St. John’s has served young children for over thirty-five years in Westwood. A curriculum has been set up to provide a diverse, creative learning experience catering to the child’s developmental level. The program follows a structured plan while leaving room for flexibility that allows the children to be creative and explore many materials within an enriching, literacy-based environment. Children grow into relationships with peers while subtly directed by an attentive and dedicated staff. The curriculum is designed to help each child develop emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially in a caring environment. Each child is accepted as an individual and is encouraged to grow with independence, self-assurance, and self-esteem.


The school is under the direction of a Director-Teacher and eight Teachers. Your child will be interacting with a nurturing team of Early Childhood Education Professionals. This team of dedicated individuals bring in excess of thirty years of teaching young children in various environments. All of our staff are certified by the Office for the Child Care Services in Massachusetts and are trained in CPR and Pediatric First Aid. 


A Board of School parents governs St. John’s Nursery School. There are also two parent Representatives for each class. Parent involvement is encouraged and appreciated. This school is a non-profit organization under the direction of a volunteer board. 


The educational plan of St. John's Nursery School is based on the standards and guidelines of Massachusetts Early Education and Care and NAEYC. The curriculum is theme-based with a major influence on child-initiated activities. All areas of the school promote development of the individual child. Students have the benefit of outside enrichment such as visitors who specialize in Music (Miss Elaine with her guitar), Science ("Curious Creatures" and Hale Reservation), Movement (Impact Martial Arts with Karate) and Literacy (Westwood Public Librarian and "Blue Moon Puppets"). Starting in January of each academic year, we offer the "Read-a-Book" program where a parent or grandparent can volunteer to read to the class. Two annual walking field trips are scheduled in the spring related to our "Community Helper" theme and they would be to the town library and the Westwood Fire Station for a special tour.


Through a variety of experiences we help your child:

* Become more independent.
* Be inquisitive about the world around him/her.
* Be cooperative in a sharing environment of work and play.
* Be creative in handling various art media and constructive toys.
* Be a happy member of a group.